MERCEDES BENZ S W220 CL W215 Radio DVD GPS Navigation Stereo Headunit Autoradio

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    MERCEDES BENZ S W220 CL W215 Radio DVD GPS Navigation Stereo Headunit Autoradio

    MERCEDES BENZ S W220 CL W215 Radio DVD GPS Navigation Stereo Headunit Autoradio 1

    Special function:

    1, TMC (Optional) PIP.
    2, DVB-T Mpeg4 or ISDB-T or ATSC-MH (Optional).
    3, Benz CAN BUS: Trip Computer function - setting & display every function of dash board, also including the message of seeking & response.
    4, the language of OSD have 19 kinds/Built in GPS: English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Czech, Hungarian, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Portuguese, Italian, Finland, Roumania, Greek, Russian, Poland, Turkey, Iran.


    1, 7 inch digita car dvd player (800*480) subwoofer output, connect the original car subwoofer.
    2, high speed camera alert function Or connect reversing radar function.
    3, DVB-T can be optional (30km/per hour, support wire antenna, impove signal sensitivity).
    4, E-book function--E-book: read, browse pics and games.
    5, steering wheel control (CAN BUS + air conditioner agreement).
    6, Bluetooth: BT-music, phonebook, call.
    7, Mucic: MP3, MP4, IPOD.
    8, Tire Pressure Monitoring System: compatible for those which with tire pressure monitoring function cars.
    9, SD card: store NAV software or multi-media document. support new type SDHC card, biggest 32GB.
    10, offer USB-HOST 1.1 Jack, can read U disc, card reader.
    11, the language of OSD have 19 kinds: English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Hungarian, Czech, Danish, Turkey, Iran, Norwegian, Swedish, Portuguese, Italian, Finland, Roumania, Greek, Russian, Poland.
    12, Radio Area: China, USA, Latin America, Europe, Ressia, Japan.
    13, Compatible with DVD, VCD, CD, MP3, MPEG4, CD-R, WMA and JPEG playbacks.
    14, Built-in FM/AM Radio, RDS, movie, Time, calendar.

    Configuration parameter:

    1, CPU: RAM 11-600MHZ.
    2, 6.0 CORE.

    MERCEDES BENZ S W220 CL W215 Radio DVD GPS Navigation Stereo Headunit Autoradio 2

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    Date Added :03/21/2013


    Excellent job guys!! Ordered a MERCEDES BENZ w220 gps system last Friday, and it arrived this morning.shenzhen to regional Western Australia (130kms south of the capital city) in 6 days- with the Australia day public holiday on Monday as well. Awesome customer service. Thanks very much.

    Date Added :03/21/2013


    Im my overall opinion the new W220 gps is brilliant I love it to bit, theres a few minor bit n bobs wrong but nothing that will spoil such a brilliant unit. The W220 gps is superb, very accurate and includes live s, speed cameras and even mobile speed cameras. CD/DVD does what it says on the tin and I was very surprised at the quality on the picture. Bluetooth is also brilliant after a test phone call with my other half, she said it was extremly clear and was very easy to connect to (iPhone 4s). Steering wheel controls are a bit temperamental, sometimes skips 2 tracks while changing track but thats no big issue. Plugged a free view box into the video just to see what happens and it actually worked, so theres a plus point. Like I said it does everthing it says in the tin to put in shortly. The only few problems were if you have a sub its a bit annoying to wire up but nothing too hard, when the Sat nav talks, the speakers squeek a bit but doesnt happen if you turn voice off and there are

    Date Added :02/25/2013


    Hi I have used the mercedes w220 navigation two weeks already. It come with very nice menu pictures, I love them. the gps software and map you provided also cool, I will use it, no need to buy another I think. Thank you for the fast delivery and friendly service too. I will back to your shop for my next buy

    Date Added :02/25/2013


    good product! I bought this mercedes benz w220 after market radio as a birthday gift to my husband. he was very happy when got it and installed immediately. everything of it works very well and we love it

    Date Added :02/25/2013


    fast delivery! I recieved my package here in Portugal 6 days after my payment by PAYPAL, faster than I expected. I have tested the mercedes benz w220 after market radio, all functions work well, the radio, dvd player, navigation system everything going now. and I am happy for the order, thank you

    Date Added :08/03/2011


    Car dvd gps navigation system works perfect. AAA+

    Displaying 1 to 6 (of 8 reviews)
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