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Will we lose CDC after replacement of car DVD player?

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As we can see, some of the vehicles come with the 6-disk CD changer which is also called CDC in their original CD player system. With the popularity of the car DVD player, a considerable number of drivers and car fans are inclined to replace the factory car stereo with the modern, multi-functional car DVD player. Sometimes, they will come across the problem in their mind, do they have to lose or abandon the car CDC after installing Car DVD player.

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Here we will list some important points for you to understand before the answer.

1.Not all the car features CDC. Before we make up our mind to replace the CD player with car DVD player, we should check it and confirm it.

2.Ask yourself what you really desire. Car DVD player enables you to see movies, films and have access to the GPS navigation. We can say that car DVD player is a system of the perfect combination of practical use and entertainment. When you opt for the function like Bluetooth, USB, iPod, GPS navigation, you can just ignore the CDC function.

3.See what brand of your CDC is. A fair number of car owners still want the CDC changer to function after mounting the car DVD player. But make sure that your CDC player is Sanyo brand due to the compatibility problem of the car DVD player. Most of the car DVD players can work together with the Sanyo CDC. If your factory CDC is not the Sanyo brand, you just can forget it.

4.After making sure that your original CDC is the Sanyo brand, some tools and devices will be needed to make it work after installation of the car DVD player. But you can not make use of the iPod if you opt for the CDC.

For example, usually speaking the car DVD GPS comes with the iPod function. In order to need meet your need which requires use of CDC, we have to manufacture the unit with CDC rather than with iPod function. Besides, it takes time for the order like that, since most of the car electronic devices online shops do not have this kind of unit in stock. Mostly these units with CDC are made especially for the customers.

Maybe you have a better understanding of the problem. Generally speaking, most of the customers prefer the car DVD player with iPod function to the unit with CDC function, since we can enjoy more, like the iPhone connection etc. We OemCarGps hope that this information can be of benefit and informative to you. Always keep in mind that what you needs counts first.

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