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how to replace subwoofer in bmw z3

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How To Replace Subwoofer In Car BMW Z3

It is quite likely for you, a music enthusiast, to have the sound system volume as high as possible so as to have better sound effect in the car, making the car somewhat like a small disco. With the high sound volume, you are there under great excitement. Then no more boredom is there during your driving. But you are putting the sound system at risk with the high sound system volume, which can lead to the blow out of the subwoofer. Now you have the necessity to substitute a new subwoofer for the damaged one in a BMW Z3. You can refer to our guidelines on how to replace subwoofer in bmw z3. All you need to do is easy and first of all, an hour or two are needed to set aside for the installation. Surely you will have amazing and awesome sound system very soon. First buy a car Subwoofer and prepare all the necessary tools in the list:
Wire cutters
½ inch Wrench
Subwoofer box (Optional)
When the new subwoofer you purchase is of the same size with the one you are going replace. No subwoofer box is needed.
Step 1
Open up the hood of your BMW Z3. Disconnect the battery.
Use the ½ inch wrench to unscrew the nuts connecting the battery to your BMW Z3. After that, find out where your subwoofer is. When you have no idea of the location of the subwoofer at all, remember that it is usually located in the trunk in the upper right hand corner.
Step 2
Replace your subwoofer in your BMW Z3.
Cut the wires connected to your old subwoofer. When your subwoofer is located in a box, take it out of the box by unscrewing the box and taking out the subwoofer.
Step 3
Put the new subwoofer in the box.
Just put it in and screw the boxes on. Reconnect the wires according to the color code. Reconnect the batteries and you have done a really good work.
Test the subwoofer to see if it can work normal and perform well.

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