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How to replace Jeep Wrangler (TJ) Starter

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How to replace Jeep Wrangler  Starter

It is of great importance for you to ensure your safety first and follow the steps, adopting safety measures. Warning: Disconnect the negative terminal of the battery before you go on any jeep wrangler starter replacement.

Contrary to common belief, it is not so complicated and difficult for you to replace the starter as you can imagine. The most difficult process lies in getting the dram bolts out. Keep in mind that the heads of the bolts were a star Torx type head, which made it hard to remove the starter. To cope with this problem, I end up making use of a damaged nut and bolt extractor set.
Now let’s browse through several things about dealing with starters. Be aware that magnet starters are extremely sensitive to shocks, external pressure and hammering, so do not bang them around! Or else, it is likely that the permanent magnets are damaged and the starter render unserviceable. Besides, no incorrect connection of the starter motor is allowed when it comes to examination. Reverse polarity can lead to damage to the permanent magnets and also render the starter unserviceable, thus you have to treat this with great caution.
For the replacement of Jeep Wrangler (TJ) Starter for my car, I purchased 2 new bolts due to the fact that the damaged ones can no longer be in use. They are 3/8"x4" and you'll need a 9/16" socket, with a 5/16" socket for the terminals.
Then I started by disconnecting and isolating the negative battery cable. Disconnect the battery cable and solenoid feed wire from the starter solenoid. If it is equipped, remove the starter motor, the two starter mounting bolts and any starter motor shims.
Reverse the removal procedures for installation. Tighten the starter hardware as it is shown below:
Mounting bolts:
2.5L engine – 45 N-m (33 ft. lbs .)
4.OL engine (rear bolt) – 55 N-m (40 ft. lbs .)
4.OL engine (front bolt) – 41 N-m (30 ft. lbs .)
Solenoid battery cable nut – 10 N-m (90 in. lbs .)
Solenoid terminal nut – 6 N-m (55 in. lbs .)
Once getting past the exhaust and oil pan being in the way, the installation becomes much easier.
Wish you good luck in the process of jeep wrangler starter replacement.

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