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how to remove chevy suburban stereo 1995-1999

Posted by Rongzhenquan under Car GPS installation DIY, Chevrolet

how to remove chevy suburban stereo

Step 1:
To remove chevy suburban stereo, the entire dash panel surrounding the radio and instrument display must be removed. No tools are needed to remove the dash panel, only your hands.
The best place to start is left of the steering wheel above the air conditioner vent.

Step 2:
with your hands, firmly pull the upper left corner of the dash panel. You will hear the dash begin to unsnap from the dash.
You will not be able to pull the dash panel at the bottom until the headlight switch box is unsnapped from the rear of this dash panel. With your fingers, push the headlight switch box from the front until it unsnaps from the rear of the dash panel. If you have problems unsnapping the headlight switch box you can try to unsnap the switch box from the rear of the dash panel.

Step 3:
When the left side of the dash has been unsnapped, pull the upper right corner of the dash near the radio to unsnap the rest of the dash panel.
The dash should be completely unsnapped from the dash. Attached to the rear of the dash panel may be a connector near the chevy suburban stereo. If you have this connector attached to your dash panel, you will have to remove it.

Step 4:
Lean the dash panel forward so you can look down into the opening between the dash panel and the main body of the dash. You will notice orange tabs connected to the connector on the rear of the dash panel. These orange tabs are locking pins that prevent the connector from disconnecting. You can then remove the connector from the back of the dash panel.

Step 5:
Completely remove the dash panel from the main dash body. Set the dash panel out of the way. The chevy suburban stereo should now be visible.

Step 6:
The radio is secured to the dash with a single snap on each side of the stereo. You should see a pull down lever or arm on each side of the chevy suburban stereo. Pushing the lever/arm down will free the clips and the stereo can be pulled from the dash.

Step 7:
When the stereois pulled from the dash, unplug the antenna cable from the rear of the stereo. Unplug the plastic wire harness connector plugged into the rear of the aftermarket car stereo.

The chevy suburban stereo can now be removed from the dash.

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