AUTORADIO comme RNS510 GPS DVD+TV VW Touareg 2004-2009

Model:   [OCG-7942]

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    7" AUTORADIO DVD GPS pour Volkswagen Touareg 2004-2009 

     Envoi par DHL / UPS jours d'affaires 2-4
    garantie d'un an


  • DVD/VCD/CD/MP3/MPEG4/DIVX/CD-R/WMA/JPEG format playback
  • Built in TV tuner, PAL (PAL M/PAL N/ DK/BG) /NTSC
  • DVB-T digital TV ready (OPTIONAL)
  • Built in FM/AM tuner, preset 24 stations, for American, Europe, Asia.
  • RDS ready

  • our unit is compatible with VW Touareg

  • DVD/VCD/CD/MP3/MPEG4/DIVX/CD-R/WMA/JPEG format playback
  • Built in TV tuner, PAL (PAL M/PAL N/ DK/BG) /NTSC
  • DVB-T digital TV ready (OPTIONAL)
  • Built in FM/AM tuner, preset 24 stations, for American, Europe, Asia.
  • RDS ready
  • Dual zoon system,the front LCD and connected back LCD is different program for you choose.
  • Built in GPS system with dual zoon function:(listening music while in navigation mode)
  • VOICE navigation: through dual zoon function, you can listen the navigation while in watching DVD or TV.
  • Built in Bluetooth for hands free call, history log, dial keyboard. (the current mode will switch automatically to Bluetooth mode when call coming, the calling and music in mobile can be operated in devices after switch)
  • PIPCTURE IN PICTURE: can watch two sources picture in the same time, available on each model, such as DVD,TV,GPS,RADIO,BLUETOOTH, can zoom and move the picture(except radio as main menu), main menu and sub menu can be switched, its much convenient for you watching the DVD and Navigation at same time
  • Virtual 6 disc cdc function: (second generation)
  • 2GB memory, can store at least 400 songs;
  • fast record: 2 times faster than the first generation solution
  • Built in 4×45W amplifier
  • 1 A/V input(1 video,2 audio), 1 A/V output(1 video,4 audio).
  • Auto rear viewing function
  • Mute at telephone calling
  • Picture adjustment (brightness, contrast, color, settings)
  • Card size Full function remote control
  • Steeling Wheel control ports
  • Full function OSD default with English, Russian.
  • With treble/medium/bass adjust function.
  • USB jack and two SD card slots for MP3,MP4,WMA,AVI,JPEG files.
  • Electronic & mechanical anti-shock system
  • All keys supply RED, GREEN LED light, match your original car perfectly
  • Three kinds of background brightness, convenience for customer to watch the screen in day and night
  • Individuated DVD logo display (captured picture)
  • OSD LOGO: you can select each car logo from the menu as opening screen display logo.
  • 7 kinds of sound for button.

  • Select Sirf dual-core ARM11 Atlas IV+DDR,higher performance.
  • WINCE6.0,higher performance, higher stability.
  • Select SiRF STAR III extremely high sense degree GPS receiver module, can use to the circumstance and accurately fix position under the signal is very weak.
  • Sirf Patent technology –InstantFix, can be fixed location in 15s。
  • The SD card stores Navigation software or multi-media files. Support SDHC,of the largest 32GB.
  • Support 18 kinds of country language.

    System parameters
    Main frequency:500MHz+250MHz DSP
    Main chip model:Sirf Atlas IV
    Memory:64MB DDR(upper to 128M)
    Store space:64MB(upper to 8GB)
    Navigation software store:SD card(support SDHC)
    Operation system:WINCE6.0 CORE

    GPS parameters
    Chip set:SiRF Star III
    Channel number:64 channels

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    Date Added :05/29/2011


    Excellent, very rapid shipping. Refurbished product looks brand new.


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